What is 4YouSee?

A complete solution to manage and monitor your Corporate TV or Digital Media Out of Home project.

Your account will be ready in 3 minutes and there are no activation fees. Register now and receive 10 videos for free.

Discover 6 reasons to activate the 4YouSee software today:

Exceptional Support

We have a team of motivated professionals that are committed to the success of your business. We are recognized in the industry for our quality of care.


Operating on auto-pilot

We have all the resources that will help you to create, manage, distribute and analyze the results of your projects of Corporate TV or Digital Media Out of Home.

Better cost-benefit

Start your operation in an unique environment of your network within 3 minutes, without any activation fees. Licenses prices start from $9.00 per month.

Stable and scalable solution

Our SLA guarantees 99.8% availability of 4YouSee Manager and the players will never stop, even if it has no internet access.

Hardware partners

We have credible partners that contribute to cost reduction and assure better security of the digital signage operation of our customers.

Content partners

The 4YouSee Platform is connected with the main news portals and via RSS (CNN, Yahoo Weather, Stock Exchange and many more).

4YouSee Digital Signage

4YouSee is a software for managing Digital Signage. It is versatile, lightweight and stable. It has the most advanced management features for Digital Out of Home networks and provides support for numerous media formats and templates to capture the most of your target audience. Try our software for free for 14 days.

A tour by the platform


Create content that delight your customers,
fast and with low cost!

Library of Templates
Database with images and templates ready to use.

Sales instrument for digital signage campaigns
Change the entire campaign in front of your customer, fast and easy.

Friendly interface
Produce high-quality content in few minutes.


Manage your schedule with agility and
flexibility, anywhere.

Grid Generation
Make separate schedules for each of your points.

News Sources
Capture dynamically updated information via RSS.

Screen Division
Allows users to customize the layout by being able to merge multiple interactive sources of information.


Play your content in various screens types, stable and reliable!

Set up 4YouSee Player with few clicks on the following platforms: Android, Chrome OS, Windows and Linux.

Compatible with various types of screens
Video-Wall, LED Panels, Digital Wall and many more.

Online & Offline
Players never stop, even if it has no internet access.


Analyze the results of Digital Media Out Of Home in real-time!

Results analysis (Monitoring & Checking)
See all ads paid by their advertisers and which are
being effectively displayed in its network of digital signage.

Monitoring the health of your operation of digital signage
Allows you to make preventive and corrective planning maintenance in DOOH operations.

Where to use?

Public Transportation

Enhance the communication for the users by showing traffic information, weather, national or local news. Sell advertising and prove the views with accurate reports.


Increase your sales by strategically announcing products, based on your management system.


Update flight departures in real time, reduce perceived wait time by showing traffic information, weather, news. Show targeted advertising for the users.


Keep your customer updated by showing healthiness advice, nutrition tips, news and entertainment in real time. Show targeted advertising for the users.


Communicate with your students during class’ pauses. Promote events, lectures, scholar projects or even the students’ projects, internship opportunities and school partnerships.

What is Digital Signage?

According to the standard terminology of the Digital signage group POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International), digital signage is a network of centrally managed digital displays, programmable to display segmented information, entertainment, merchandising and advertisements.

Digital Signage can therefore be taken to include any content programmed to be shown on one or more panels of a network, including videos and images, in addition to news captured dynamically from feeds (RSS) and shown in a standardized screen model (template).