Ever since 4YouSee was released in 2010, we have built partnerships with several companies that have created a great impact within the indutsry of Digital Signage, by creating products and high-end technological solutions, such as, LG, Samsung, Intel and Minix.

By building partnerships with innovative companies and high-quality equipment suppliers, we achieve high-level solutions, which are at the same time easy to use by Digital Signage operators.


AdMobilize is the tech company that created the first analytic platform “Plug and Measure” for physical spaces. The product known as AdBeacon analyses images from different spaces and creates real-time metrics about the people inside those places.

Admobilize 1Admobilize 2
Admobilize 3
This technology works with tablet, computer screens, LED panels;  it also works with traditional non-digital ads.
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For more information about Admobilize or Adbeacon go to web.admobilize.com