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We maintain an information base with all data related to the operation, installation and configuration of 4YouSee. Go take a look at it to clear up any issues you may have:

What do I need to implement the 4YouSee software?

    • Hardware: server, mini PCs and plasma or LCD monitors
    • Software: 4YouSee comes with two components: 4YouSee Manager and 4YouSee Player

4YouSee Manager is used to manage all digital content: 4YouSee Player is for displaying the content.

4YouSee Player connects with 4YouSee Manager via an internet connection whenever it needs to update the display schedule.

  • Content: The most important thing is to create content that meets the communication needs of the client.

Who is responsible for the production and management of the content and the scheduling of the players?

Our clients have complete freedom to make these choices. We have qualified staff trained to develop and manage content, but it can also be managed by the client or a third party.

Is it necessary to receive training so that employees know how to use the software?

The easy functionality of 4YouSee and its operational simplicity guarantee a short learning curve, meaning that long training sessions are not necessary. For new users, all that’s needed is to check the manual to learn how to use the software, quickly and easily.

Which file formats does 4YouSee accept?

4YouSee Player accepts MPEG, MPG, AVI, WMV, FLV, MP4, SWF, JPG, PNG, GIF, MOV, and F4V formats, in their original format or converted into FLV format.

I changed the time slot of a program by hour blocks, but it’s not updated in the player, what’s happening?

When you change the time slot of content, it is instantly updated. You should check to make sure there is an available internet connection available for the player. Without an internet connection the player cannot communicate with the server and thus it cannot be updated to include the schedule changes.

I'm managing a new time slot sequence for displaying, but the sequence is not displaying it correctly. What's going on?

After changing the contents of the time slot, the system makes this update immediately and without giving any notice. However, after completing the addition of new videos into all the time slots, the update might take a while due to the downloading of these videos. Thus, if the videos have not all been downloaded into the time slots they might show incorrectly.

How is content transmitted to mobile players? Is it via satellite, 3G modem, or radio signal?

Content can be loaded to mobile players via conventional internet or 3G internet. Once the player has  downloaded the media and is correctly configured, it will play the playlist for the day, depending on which region the vehicle is in, using the GPS media separation control. But if you want to update the time slots while the vehicle is in motion, you will need to use a 3G modem, which can guarantee time slot updates in real time.

Do I need a computer for each LCD screen?

Not necessarily. You could use one computer for each panel, or one computer could be linked to various screens; in this case it would be necessary to use a video-signal splitter. Keep in mind that if you use this set-up, all panels will display the same content, since they will all be sharing the same player.

Are computers necessary even at mobile points? What kind of cable connections need to be made between the computer and the screen?

Yes, a computer must be used. We recommend using a computer called CAR PC, which is designed for hostile environments, able to withstand impacts and high temperatures, which guarantees perfect workability. The cable linkage is basically the same used in normal computers: power cables for the monitor and the computer, and a video cable between the CAR PC and the monitor.

Do you provide all the necessary equipment?

Though we don’t sell equipment (hardware), we are partnered with various providers. We can recommend which provider to choose based on the needs of your specific project.

When can I seek assistance from F6 Sistemas technical support?

Technical support is available from Monday to Friday, during regular business hours, to support users in processes necessary for implementation and clearing up any problems that may arise when users implement 4YouSee Player and 4YouSee Manager software. For contact information, see this link:Contact

What is the maximum file size for media that can be shown on 4YouSee Manager?

The maximum size for files is 100MB, which is very workable and much greater than what other “digital signage” services allow. It’s important to keep in mind the compression techniques and rendering* processes available for videos, since it’s not necessary to use extremely large videos for exhibition on digital media. If the video size is too large for 4YouSee Manager, you will need to send it via FTP (only available with the Enterprise plan).
-*Rendering: a procedure that makes it possible to visualize digital processing. When the project is finished, or if at any point you’d like to have a preview of what the final result will be like, make a “rendering” of the work.

Can 4YouSee Player display dynamic content?

Yes, the software uses the worldwide internet news publication standard known as RSS. This standard is the fastest and easiest way to display updates that come from a specific site, without having to navigate to that site, search, or obtain information from pages. RSS is a file which is always up-to-date and allows for simple and organized content delivery. The software makes use of templates created in FLASH and HTML 5 to show this dynamic content.

Can I use 4YouSee outside the country?

Yes, with an internet connection you can connect to the server from anywhere in the world using VPNs*.
-*VPN: Virtual Private Network, a private network constructed on top of the infrastructure of a public network, normally the internet. In other words, instead of using dedicated links or package networks (like Frame Relay and X.25) to connect remote networks, it uses the infrastructure of the internet.

What technology was used for development?

The language used is PHP and the database is MySQL.

What is the minimum resolution content should have to be displayed?

848 pixels wide by 480 pixels high.

Does this tool allow dividing the screen into frames?

Yes, the “Layouts” functionality allows the area operator to divide the panel into two players to show different content at the same time.

What is the KBPS speed at the display point and at the server?

The system works with any connection speed. The only consideration to keep in mind is that with very slow connections videos will take a long time to load.

Is it possible to monitor the billing for every player?

4YouSee is a scalable solution. It’s so innovative because it grows along with your business without making it more complicated or too difficult to control. It includes financial monitoring for each player, allowing for transparency between you and the display points for accountability.

Does the software you provide work with HD video files?

The system can show videos in HD or FULL HD, depending on your needs and the size of the screens that will be used.

How many templates can I link to an RSS feed in 4YouSee Manager?

It’s only possible to link one template to each RSS feed, although the same template can be associated with several different feeds.

How can I know if the institutional content was downloaded in the player?

On the “Content distribution” screen, open the “Content” menu, then go to the “Content” sub-menu and select the “Distribute” option.

Below the name of the player, there’s a list of content associated with that player.

If there is a green arrow pointing upwards next to the content, it means that the content has already been downloaded by the selected player.

If there is a red arrow pointing downwards next to the content, it means that the content has not been downloaded yet by the selected player. Mouse hover the arrow and a window will appear showing the number of times the player has attempted to download the content. If this number is more than ten times, contact F6 Sistemas for support.
If there is no arrow next to the content, that means that the content has not yet been downloaded by the selected player and that no attempt has been made to download this content. This usually means that another content is being downloaded, and the content will begin downloading once other content is finished.

I have content assigned to a player's time slots, but it’s not being displayed, what should I do?

This could be because the content has not been downloaded by the player, in which case, see the earlier question. It could also mean that the content comes with a validity period that has been exceeded. The media thumbnail will continue to be shown in the time slot of the display point, but the media won’t be shown on the player.

After cancelling a campaign that has not yet reached it ending date and time, will the campaign automatically be removed from the players?

No. If you cancel a campaign before its end date, you need to create new time slots for the locations.
To do this, go to the “Content” menu, open the “Content” sub-menu, and click on the “Distribute” option. On the “Content distribution” panel that opens up, choose the “Update broadcast blocks” and then click on the “Save” option. All time slots will then be updated.

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