Internet is full of marketing reports stating that the digital signage is the second largest media channel after TV to reach the customers. Almost every vendor of digital signage will claim that it is cost-effective long term investment to use digital signage rather than classic marketing or communication tools.

As digital signage market is booming and advancing rapidly, it is important that we provide the newest technology to our customers. Technology that will allow you to evaluate your marketing content and find the best timing of the day to run specific adds. What is more, to provide the tools that will help you to personalise the marketing content in the real time.

Now we are able to offer you a tool to track and identify the customers. How does it work?

AdBeacon functions as a system that recognises faces. Attached video camera tracks every person that passes through the display. It identifies whether it’s male or female. What is more, it estimates the level of engagement.

Collected data by the AdBeacon is sent to the server, a computer, so the advertiser is able to see the real time data. For example, how many man and woman saw the advertisement and what is the age group of people interested is a specific content that was running on.

All you need to be able to use the  device that triggers face detection is a computer to analyse and receive data, camera and the display to run your marketing content.

Examples of data collected:

Age data Gender data Emotions data

It was mentioned above that you can engage the right customer by showing him personalised content. How does it work?

By using 4YouSee digital signage software now you able to play content that is basic as well as customised to the gender, age and mood. To be able to uses this system you need a camera and a display such as a TV and a prepared content. You are able to create four different contents depending on a gender:

  • Generic content. For example, what is your company doing, contact information or a current announcement that it’s a sale period;
  • Content for a female customers. For example, the perfume that is discounted only for woman;
  • Content for a male customers. For example, the perfume that is discounted only for male;
  • Content for kids. For example, some short cartoons to entertain them.


Generic content Woman Man

In addition to this, the content can be customised to the age group. Lets say you choose two different customer segments: till 40 years old and above. The system will evaluate outlook of every customer passing through  and decide whether the person is younger than 40 years old or no and play differentiated content correspondingly.

Do you care what kind of mood are your customer in? If you do, you can customise the content based on their mood as well! Or just play some funny engaging content when the passing through customer seems sad or unhappy.

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