It is well known that billboards,  interactive screens and displays attract customers’ attention for a moment. Thus, the problem hides when we seek our customers to remember the content and recognise the brand. Being innovative in your content is one of the best solutions how to assure that your marketing material will reach the customer and leave an impact on him. Hereby, we have selected the most brilliant ideas that were implemented while using digital signage:


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British Airways and its young man pointing at the airplane while stating the actual flight number and the destination.


The National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) campaign to raise awareness about how to stop domestic violence.


Kate Spade & eBay Window shopping


3D Digital Signage by Saks in New York City.


The digital projection by Adidas in Japan in order to increase the support for the football team.


Human motion Tracking digital signage by Red Bull.


NoiseStreet campaign.


Do you know any other examples of innovative digital signage? Please share it in the comments section bellow.