Digital Signage for luxury and fashion products providers

Digital tools in luxury goods industry

There has never been a brand in the luxury that was rushing to become popular so the online marketing space has been questioned listlessly ever since. Tim Berners- Le, World Wide Web inventor, had a vision of creating an easy accessible platform full off global news. In theory it conflicts with the understanding of what exactly a luxury is. This conflict between an easy access of information and the mindset of the rareness, has been motivating different industries to look for new ways how two maintain its values. Due to this reason, digital strategies became seen as a must in the luxury products providers marketing and communication channels.


The “Digital Advantage for Luxury Brands- Director’s Report: Luxury Interactive 2015” discusses how the era of digitalisation is affecting and transforming the choice of sales channels and experience delivery both in the online space and in-store.

“We are living the experience economy. Experiences engage customers and in creating memorable events connect them emotionally to the company’s brand” said J. Gilmore. It is up to the brand managers how to deliver the best experience possible, especially knowing that the expectations from the customers are increasing constantly.

Experience delivery and luxury sense:

The cosmopolitan luxury consumer is more and more tech-savvy, time sensitive and socially aware. To attract and engage with such a customer is tough and requires brand managers to adjust. That’s why there are so many new technology products developments. The relationship between digital and luxury can no longer be neglected. 

“Digital is integral to every luxury brand. It’s part of luxury today. In luxury, marketing comes first – before product. Quality and craftsmanship are second because they’re understood to be part of the brand DNA.“ – Chris Ramey, Affluent Insights president. 

How to orientate between already existing marketing and communication tools as well as to maintain your innovative, personalised image?

No.1 Being consistent in your marketing strategy.  Here you can find the best case practices of brand consistency.

No.2 Adjusting digital tools used for every market segment. 

No. 3 Catching consumers attention by:

  • content;
  • education;
  • showcasing the vision and image of the brand so the customer will desire to be connected with it;
  • visual tools.

No.4 Using technologies to deliver the experience:

4YouSee offers a digital solution how to market your products and engage with your customers in-store. While using 4YouSee Digital Signage software you will able to showcase your newest products as well as to adjust the visible content based on gender, age and mood.

How does it work?

There is a basic content that you chose to run and once a customer walks through or stands in front of the display, the content will change based on customer’s gender, age or mood. Here you can read more about it.

This system gathers the information of what kind of customer your content attracted by giving you an opportunity to re-adjust and evaluate your content. 

New installations: identifying and engaging the right customer with 4YouSee digital signage

Internet is full of marketing reports stating that the digital signage is the second largest media channel after TV to reach the customers. Almost every vendor of digital signage will claim that it is cost-effective long term investment to use digital signage rather than classic marketing or communication tools.

As digital signage market is booming and advancing rapidly, it is important that we provide the newest technology to our customers. Technology that will allow you to evaluate your marketing content and find the best timing of the day to run specific adds. What is more, to provide the tools that will help you to personalise the marketing content in the real time.

Now we are able to offer you a tool to track and identify the customers. How does it work?

AdBeacon functions as a system that recognises faces. Attached video camera tracks every person that passes through the display. It identifies whether it’s male or female. What is more, it estimates the level of engagement.

Collected data by the AdBeacon is sent to the server, a computer, so the advertiser is able to see the real time data. For example, how many man and woman saw the advertisement and what is the age group of people interested is a specific content that was running on.

All you need to be able to use the  device that triggers face detection is a computer to analyse and receive data, camera and the display to run your marketing content.

Examples of data collected:

Age data Gender data Emotions data

It was mentioned above that you can engage the right customer by showing him personalised content. How does it work?

By using 4YouSee digital signage software now you able to play content that is basic as well as customised to the gender, age and mood. To be able to uses this system you need a camera and a display such as a TV and a prepared content. You are able to create four different contents depending on a gender:

  • Generic content. For example, what is your company doing, contact information or a current announcement that it’s a sale period;
  • Content for a female customers. For example, the perfume that is discounted only for woman;
  • Content for a male customers. For example, the perfume that is discounted only for male;
  • Content for kids. For example, some short cartoons to entertain them.


Generic content Woman Man

In addition to this, the content can be customised to the age group. Lets say you choose two different customer segments: till 40 years old and above. The system will evaluate outlook of every customer passing through  and decide whether the person is younger than 40 years old or no and play differentiated content correspondingly.

Do you care what kind of mood are your customer in? If you do, you can customise the content based on their mood as well! Or just play some funny engaging content when the passing through customer seems sad or unhappy.

For more information about 4YouSee digital signage and the latest updates, find us in Facebook: 4YouSeeInternational


Brilliant ideas about how to use Your digital signage

It is well known that billboards,  interactive screens and displays attract customers’ attention for a moment. Thus, the problem hides when we seek our customers to remember the content and recognise the brand. Being innovative in your content is one of the best solutions how to assure that your marketing material will reach the customer and leave an impact on him. Hereby, we have selected the most brilliant ideas that were implemented while using digital signage:

4YouSee and LG partnership to provide solutions for Digital Signage Operators

4YouSee has partnered with the multinational LG in order to provide complementary hardware and software solutions for Digital Out of Home and Corporate TV segments.

Our sales and support teams at 4YouSee will be attending  a training programs in order to be able to suit the best product for each of our customer’s needs.

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Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be sending out our photographer on a world tour to gather footages that will show the significance of 4YouSee and Digital signage in helping businesses to grow and people around the world to access information. Here is one of the latest post:



To mark the 70th Anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing in Japan, we sent our photographer to see what impact has digital signage brought to the city. Not only every busses in the city is equipped with at least one display, but also the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park – Rest House, where its equipped with personal computers and digital signage for tourist information, which are available for all visitors.



4YouSee- a start-up with a global vision. Welcome our 6 international interns!

This winter (summer in the Northern pole) we got an honour to host 6 interns from 4 different continents- Northern and Latin America, Asia and Europe. We have found that there is an opportunity to receive international interns from AIESEC BELO HORIZONTE. Working with AIESEC and hosting the interns is way to impact Brazilian community, foster entrepreneurship spirit, provide a platform where young professionals can get experience and where 4YouSee can grow its global mindset.

All interns had different tasks even thought the project they participated intended to internationalise 4YouSee. Tasks have varied from creating graphical content till doing sales in two selected markets: the United States and Latin America. 

Here are some impressions from our interns:

Diana, 22 years old, Mexico
My experience in 4yousee like a intern in Brazil: for now it’s good, It’s very interesting to see how brazilians work, I really enjoy to see how this startup is growing and how they are making different strategies for being international. My work consists on making the animation videos, sometimes it’s hard to do that in portuguese because it’s a different language, but that it’s a challenge that I like, and it’s more easy and amazing when you find people like the ones I found here. I really love Brazil specially its radio, culture, Tv, children’s tales, the diversity of people, the music, the dances, the traditions, the food, the fruits, etc. I really want to understand everything about this place.

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We give a warm welcome to Admobilize, our new international partner!

Ever since 4YouSee was released in 2010, we have built partnerships with several companies that have created a great impact within the indutsry of Digital Signage, by creating products and high-end technological solutions, such as, LG, Samsung, Intel and Minix.

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4YouSee Certificates ALTA DS 2 Android Players from VIA

4YouSee is proud to announce that its 4YouSee Android Player for Digital Signage is ready to run in VIA Android players: ALTA DS and ALTA DS 2 versions.

Both certified platforms are committed to offering cost-effective hardware solutions for high-performance video and connectivity applications in dynamic displays, in order to achieve the highest level in terms of customer engagement.

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