This winter (summer in the Northern pole) we got an honour to host 6 interns from 4 different continents- Northern and Latin America, Asia and Europe. We have found that there is an opportunity to receive international interns from AIESEC BELO HORIZONTE. Working with AIESEC and hosting the interns is way to impact Brazilian community, foster entrepreneurship spirit, provide a platform where young professionals can get experience and where 4YouSee can grow its global mindset.

All interns had different tasks even thought the project they participated intended to internationalise 4YouSee. Tasks have varied from creating graphical content till doing sales in two selected markets: the United States and Latin America. 

Here are some impressions from our interns:

Diana, 22 years old, Mexico
My experience in 4yousee like a intern in Brazil: for now it’s good, It’s very interesting to see how brazilians work, I really enjoy to see how this startup is growing and how they are making different strategies for being international. My work consists on making the animation videos, sometimes it’s hard to do that in portuguese because it’s a different language, but that it’s a challenge that I like, and it’s more easy and amazing when you find people like the ones I found here. I really love Brazil specially its radio, culture, Tv, children’s tales, the diversity of people, the music, the dances, the traditions, the food, the fruits, etc. I really want to understand everything about this place.

Sevo Widodo, 20 years old, Indonesia
Hey! 4YouSee has given me the experience that no other company would give. I am assigned to extremely challenging internationalization projects that would not only enhance my business marketing skills, but also creativity. Viva 4YouSee!

Agne, 22 years old, Lithuania
Since I am studying International Relations with specialisation in Latin America back in Denmark, for me it was important to begin building international network in Latin America. By coming to work to 4YouSee it did achieve this goal. I have developed my marketing skills and organisational skills. Besides this, I truly enjoyed working in this company as all the colleagues were outgoing and friendly.

Maria, 25 years old, Peru
Hi! My name is Maria Chirinos, I’m from Peru, I have a degree in International Business Management. Well my experience in 4YouSee is awesome, I like learn new things and this internship help me a lot, despite I’m from Latin America, Brazilian people work so different and is so good to mixed the main how i worked in Peru with this job. I’m working in marketing, looking for partnership in Latin America and to do this is good have different points of view, because help in this process to growing step by step. Also my experience in Brazil change everyday, at first, understand the language but now i can understand more, also is incredible see diversity of people, how they treat at foreigners, are lovely, to see people almost always happy. I really love Brazil, is an amazing country with a lot of thing to learn and know.

William, 20 years old, Canada
I love it here. I have the freedom to express myself in my work and not only that, but the work itself is enjoyable. We’re in the age of technology and working with technology (digital signage) and just seeing my work displayed makes me feel like I have an impact. As for Brazil, it’s everything I could have hoped for and more. Beautiful food, landscape, and people.